Since 1980 HIPOMAK is the leading Turkish manufacturer of vertical packaging machines, combinational multi-head weighers, linear weighers, auger filling units, volumetric dozing units, food processing machines, vertical and Z type bucket elevators, various conveyors and special projects. Since its inception, HIPOMAK follow and apply new technologies and it has been pioneer in the initiation and development of many innovations. Our aim is to provide our customers with comprehensive projects, sales, manufacturing, supply, service, installation and commissioning of technologically advanced and efficient packaging machines and packaging lines.


Toincrease customer satisfaction, its Services and products are continually improved

Production is always to comply with legal regulations

Quality is the responsibility of all employees to share

The next process is to work with the principle of customer

In order to achieve zero error, methods are identified and developed

To achieve a learned, shared and developed organization, continuously strengthen the corporate culture


HIPOMAK; is the first in Turkey in terms of its mechanic, digital electronic and technology have been provided for customer with a great facility:

• Efficiency is the most important property of our Packing Machines.
• Could be designed in every needed size. So, this is accepted as an evidence for sealing quality, efficiency and weight sensitivity.
• Using the newest digital electronic technologies.
• Work under a high security precaution, they have been designed to work 24 hours.
• Suitable for different types of filling system; multi-head weighers, Linear Weighers, volumetric dozing systems, Auger screw filling units… To be able to pack all traditional and fragile products (food and non-food).
• The best relation of price-performance in market.

Vertical Packaging Technologies



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Hipomak Vertical Packaging

Quattro IMQ250/IMQ350 Series

Quattro IMQ250/IMQ350 Series Quattro Series areintermittent motion vertical form fill and seal machines ...

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